The ultimate valentine's day guide

Breakfast in Bed
1. Breakfast in Bed
Kickstart the day with an unexpected room service!

What better way to surprise your loved one than to start off with the most important meal of the day.


This should be easy if you've got the skills in the kitchen... but if you're aren't, a pro-tip would be ordering in and re-plating the food since presentation is the true way to seal the deal anyway!


Bring out your fanciest plates and wither some flower petals across your tray to add a touch of love (and aesthetics) to your breakfast.

2. Wrap Your Own Bouquet

Instead of the usual floral bouquet, try making a more practical bouquet instead! By practical, we actually mean edible!


Turn your partner's favourite food into a bouquet!

If you're not too confident in the creative department, there's options out there for you! Check out this beautiful chicken nugget bouquet made by a local florist.

Chicken Nugget Bouquet

Image Credit: happy florals

Couple's Painting - Art Jam

Image Credit: The Noteway

3. Get Your Hands Dirty

In a good way of course!


One of the best things about the growing Art scene in Singapore is the rising opportunity to explore the inner Picasso in you.


With art jamming studios like The Noteway, you can share the joy of creating not just on a canvas but also on shirts and tote bags as well!

4. Visit an Arcade

Love holds no boundaries and your age is no exception.


With Singapore offering a wide selection of arcades, battling with some of these old classics could be the best way to relive your childhood and have an excellent time.

CowPlayCowMoo Arcade Singapore

Image Credit: @sharkenthellama

Valentine's Dinner Menu

Image Credit:

5. Splurge on Dinner

Special days like this only come by once in a while and it often calls for some much deserved indulgence.


Discover a hidden dining oasis at the heart of Seletar Aerospace Park. With its stunning ambience and great hospitality, countless lovebirds fleet there for their romantic dining experience.


YOUNGS Bar & Restaurant will be serving an exquisite 6-course dinner unlike any other. Known for their generosity in food portions, it's almost impossible to leave not feeling full and satisfied after dinner.

What better excuse is there to spoil yourself (at least with some caviar) than in the name of love?

6. Explore the Outdoors

Plan a hike and if you time it right, a beautiful sunset view will be waiting for you! Nothing speaks of romance more than watching the sky blush with your partner.


If you're planning on visiting the Seletar Aerospace Park for dinner, there's a secret sweet spot at the Lower Seletar Reservoir. The Rower’s Bay Park, which initially gained popularity amongst kayaking and dragon boat enthusiasts, and has now also evolved into a romantic destination.


The broad-walk also allows you to enjoy a good ride along the park connector with bicycle rentals made available.

Rower's Bay Park

Image Credit: The Travel Insider

7. Go On A Late Night Adventure

If you're into late night suppers, prawning, fishing or just a good pint, Orto could be the place to go!


Or you could simply go on a late night stroll after dinner to explore the area and enjoy each other's company. The night sky evokes a sentimental feeling for many, and coupled with the night breeze, you won't need much to feel the romance in the air.


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